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We have worked with Pylon One for over ten years and they are simply the best and most reliable partners to have on your event team. Technically smart, great problem solvers, calm and always capable of producing creative solutions to problems that sometimes occur on site, they always deliver at the highest level.
The depth and breadth of their knowledge is also incredibly useful, particularly when working in new venues in any locations all over the world

Andrew Taylor

Managing Director, Taylor Made Event Management

Having worked with Mike and the team on previous editions of the World Triathlon Series in Hyde Park prior to moving the event to Leeds, we knew the team at Pylon One would understand the importance of providing fast and reliable services to a challenging green field site. The event was broadcast live on BBC to an audience of more than 2 million as well as to millions more around the world and the importance of providing connectivity to timing providers, broadcasters, press, media and many other stakeholders was paramount.
We worked with Pylon One over a period of 7 months to establish our requirements and in turn, Pylon One established strong relationships with Leeds City Council to ensure the services provided were adequate, that the planning phase went to time, that the equipment was appropriate and that there was adequate resource and skills to implement on the ground during delivery.
We all enjoyed working with John, our Pylon One lead consultant and saw huge benefits from having an IT consultant with so much outdoor event experience providing advice and project management services in such a complex and high-profile event.

Mark Bannister

Technical Director - George P Johnson

Having worked with Pylon One for a number of years whilst employed at ExCeL, they were the only external company trusted with direct access to the venues network infrastructure. Since working at George P Johnson, Pylon One have continued to be the only network company that we trust to deliver across all of our large, predominantly IT-focused events globally. They work with us to deliver connectivity to exhibition stands, conference keynotes and breakouts. They manage the various venue infrastructures on our behalf to deliver to our clients the most reliable and cost efficient end result.

Lucy Knill

Event Director

We constantly strive to deliver better stands and to increase our clients brand activation and engagement with their target audience. Our stands always look busy, but now we can determine the ‘tyre kickers’ from the actively engaged. We can highlight to our client the most successful elements of the stand and ensure we incorporate more of these for next year. Having user flow analytics, also helps us to improve our messaging pre-event and get the message out, of exactly what we have on displays, putting on particular events when we know that visitors numbers will be high, so we engage with more of the audience. Every marketers dream!

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