The journey begins here…  You can count on us to deliver accurate PeopleCounting combined with powerful intelligence.

Our devices represent the latest technology in video analytics. They integrate data capture and intelligence into one device, providing a common platform for the collection of a wide range of customer behavioural data. Data is captured and analysed on-board a single video analytics appliance.

The Brickstream 3D™ units offer multiple advantages over traditional data collection devices and standard video or CCTV analytic platforms.  This unit uses advanced stereo vision (3-D) and object tracking technology to provide accurate data under a broad set of environmental conditions, such as high traffic*, dynamic lighting, and indoor and outdoor environments and are not affected by ambient light or shadow.

Based on 3-D information, the system accurately distinguishes between people and objects.  The 3D™ is the third generation of the Brickstream hardware platform, with a more compact profile and on-board micro SD storage.

  • Collects and stores metrics at one-minute intervals.

  • Filters objects based on height, shape and size.

  • Advanced units assess shopping units & individuals tracking & grouping people like couples /family unit.

  • Robust and accurate metrics across a broad set of environments: indoor/outdoor and high traffic.

  • Usual count accuracy of over 95% (excluding occupancy).

  • Adjusts automatically to environmental changes: lighting, temperature, etc.

  • Easy, unobtrusive, overhead mounting with support for oblique views.

  • Supports scheduled streaming digital video output for remote data validation.

  • Flash memory stores configuration settings & Micro SD storage stores 10 days of data to protect against data loss in the event of network loss.

  • Work down to low ambient light levels (an absolute minimum of 200 lux is required).

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