Audience Movement Analysis

Situation awareness as Never Before.
Utilising computer vision technology, DemoGraphics provides live realtime visitor data to gauge insight and action responses.


Audience Movement Analysis

Pylon One with partners Kloudspot, analyze complex spatial data sets, with special focus on time stamped geo location data and extracts valuable insights for Data Owners and businesses. Businesses can then tailor unique and memorable experiences for their customers based on real data.
Organisations and events can optimize space and infrastructure utilization using a hybrid of existing wireless infrastructure, wireless sensors and beacon-based analytics sensors.
With the live data feeds and Multiverse Analytics platform linking the other technologies together, drive realtime actions and process rich reports for regular analysis.
This technology allows organisations and event organisers to:
  • Understand staff and visitor movement and optimize resource utilization.
  • Observe attendance in conference room meetings
  • Optimize space and seating capacity
  • Monitor parking usage and more

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