Designed to engage and captivate your audience – innovative digital signage.

Harnessing our data analytics and artificial intelligence from either of our FootFall or DemoGraphics products, enables brand activation to go another level and captivate the audience with powerful digital signage! With our KloudDisplay as an addition you have the ability to optimise adverts /messaging, as an on-demand experience based on the target audience.

Dramatically increase the effectiveness and impact of your brand by offering your customers the right information, that’s tailored to them at the right time. With KloudDisplay you get to interact with your customers at a given point on your event or brand activation.

In addition, digital signage displays can respond to physical events, allowing you the flexibility to switch from scheduled media to on-demand experiences.

Real-time insights via the user-friendly dashboard ensures your ability to understand how customers react with your product, brand or service, as well as providing the status of every device connected to your signage network.

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