Facial ID Contactless Registration

Ensure attendee and staff safety with our contactless registration of attendees utilising our DemoGraphics engine


Facial ID Contactless Registration

The Multiverse Analytics platform is also home to our DemoGraphics product. DemoGraphics is a facial recognition product that triggers our rule based action engine.
With the facial recognition system we can build rules and leverage this for contactless registration and also using cameras throughout the show for personal audience engagement and reporting.
Our technology has already been deployed for registration at leading events such as the World Economic Forum, for seamless entry management to functions. See below and get a demonstration.
Some features of what we can provide:
  • Preload visitor registration information
  • Contactless badge printing on arrivals
  • Time based entry time compliance.
  • Venue first seen last seen times for comparisons to timed appointments
  • Post report on demographics and dwell break downs

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