Witnessing the growth in the need for data-driven insights and the increasing use of Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, coupled with state-of-the-art deep learning algorithms for image recognition, our in-house team have developed DemoGraphics. 

Using current IP camera technology, DemoGraphics captures facial expression and in Nanoseconds, transforms the data in to an anonymised, vectorised data string.  This is then processed against a leading recognition engine to return probability data, allowing for accurate capture and reporting of “ Unique “ vectors.  The entry level offering provides metrics such as age, gender, emotion with additional labels being applied for facial hair or glasses were being worn.  All of the processing is instantaneous and takes place in the cloud.

Imagine a keynote presentation and being able to determine that everyone in the audience was highly engaged or a brand activation where you know you have reached the right age group with your messaging.  Audience engagement is easily reported with heat maps and detailed data graphs, plus many more much need data-insights via a fully customisable, user-friendly dashboard.  This allows marketers / project managers to better understand the visitor/attendee journey providing valuable data points such as “First seen / last seen”.

Having all of this real-time data at your fingertips means that the content of your activation can be matched exactly to the demographic of the attendees, triggering a change of lighting, sound as well as displayed media content, to ensure a truly immersive and interactive brand activation /keynote!

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