Situation awareness as Never Before.
Utilising computer vision technology, DemoGraphics provides live realtime visitor data to gauge insight and action responses.



DemoGraphics offers an entire suite of metrics. DemoGraphics can estimate age brackets, gender, emotion, dwell time and also label if a face has facial hair or is wearing glasses. DemoGraphics can tell us where and when we saw you first. Where and when did we see you last. This invaluable data can be reported on with heat maps and graphs of your audiences/customers engagement.
DemoGraphics uses cameras as sensors. Place them in strategic locations of interest within your stand or retail outlet, couple multiple cameras together in zones to build a picture of how visitors/customers behave.
Built upon existing IP camera technology, DemoGraphics transform all faces detected into a vector and translates into a data string in a split second, no actual faces or footage are ever recorded. DemoGraphics then processes all the vectors data in the cloud ready to report on, meaning no heavy infrastructure onsite.
DemoGraphics does not stop at events. Take a retailer or a car showroom. Imagine an expensive activation window display. How has conversion ever been analysed. How has return on investment been reliably reported on.
Track conversions from the shop window to the till-point. Measure the success of the activation or in shop display/digital signage.
DemoGraphics is not site specific. Link event expos to retail outlets. Track conversion and returned custom data between expos and even track conversion from expos to someone walking into a store. The DemoGraphics platform can alert to this and report on when and where the face was last seen.
Such technology is to be built on, and we can partner and integrate with your in-house teams. We can expose API endpoints and triggers for rule based scenarios. We can also work with your partners endpoints to pull data into the platform, such as pre analysis of delegates photos through pre registration sign up.

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