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You can count on us to deliver accurate PeopleCounting combined with powerful intelligence.
Our devices represent the latest technology in video analytics. They integrate data capture and intelligence into one device, providing a common platform for the collection of a wide range of customer behavioural data. Data is captured and analysed on-board a single video analytics appliance


FootFall Analytics has been in our portfolio for four years.
Consider, that on average 80% of people attending events, leave their Wi-Fi enabled on their mobile devices at all times, this provides a very large sample size. Utilising our strategically located smart sensors, we determine an “engaged” parameter. We then simply detect the Wi-Fi probes broadcast from their smart device.


Demographics captures facial expression and in Nanoseconds, transforms the data in to an anonymised, vectorised data string. This is then processed against a leading recognition engine to return probability data, allowing for accurate capture and reporting of “Unique” vectors. The entry level offering provides metrics such as age, gender, emotion with additional labels being applied.


Harnessing our data analytics and artificial intelligence from either of our FootFall or DemoGraphics products, enables brand activation to go another level and captivate the audience with powerful digital signage! With our KloudDisplay as an addition, you have the ability to optimise adverts /messaging, as an on-demand experience, interacting with your customers at a given point on your event or brand activation.

Pylon One are committed to continually develop best in class products, built on an ethos and core values of security and privacy by design. Pylon One empower events and experiential agencies to be able to reflect on the visitor journey they have created.  Accurate data capture and metrics also ensures that the visitors / delegates enjoy a far more informative and profitable time when attending live events.

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