Pylon One are globally renowned as an industry leader, designing and providing enterprise grade communications infrastructures for the events industry and are regularly approached and subsequently commissioned, to install networks capable of supporting up to 10,000 concurrent Wi-Fi devices.

As a consequence of our intimate knowledge of the events industry and our stated desire to ensure that wireless and hard-wired networks are designed in such a way as to ensure that new/emerging complimentary technologies can be accommodated, Pylon One have now created a home for event analytics. With such technical competence and expertise across the team, Pylon One are now viewed as a leading exponent in the development and delivery of Event analytics and have now created ‘multiverse analytics’ brand and home for its growing portfolio of analytics products to include:









Multiverse-Analytics is where you can monitor, manage and improve space utilisation in Events, Retail or throughout any corporate environment.  We offer a flexible range of analytics hardware and software reporting options.

By using one or all products in our Multiverse, we can provide a unique insight into your event, brand activation, retail business or organization.  We enable you to go beyond just visitor behaviour and trends.  Data at your fingertips to manage forecasting, staffing, opening hours, marketing activities, monitor sales conversions, occupancy and queue levels.

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